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What are
the Kadena kongs 


we understand that without our kongmunity we are nothing, which is why we have focused completely on carrying our kongmunity's vision and having extremely strong ties with our alpha members! 

Bringing a higher standard to NFTs

We picked Kadena as our home because they are setting a much needed higher standard to all things blockchain.  Not only have they figured an immensely improved upon scaling solution to smart contracts, they have also begun implementing higher standards and more features for NFTs on their chain and potentially across chains. Marmalade will be a game changer for NFTs and we are on the cutting edge of that technology. 

giving back value

Our core focus is giving back value to our Jungle and to other Jungles in need, which is why we plan to auction off two one of one Kadena Kongs and donating all of the proceeds to the Jane Goodall society, a charity voted on by our Kongmunity members.  In adition to that we constantly look to find ways to give back to our Kadena Kong hodlers.

post Dao creation we will infuse the dao treasury with 30% of the total mint value and give each kadena kong holder a 1:1 representation vote.  we have listened to our kongmunity's ideas, sifted through them and, using our judgment. are creating a list of focuses and ideas  to be voted on by the kadena kong holders.  This system will allow for additional kongmunity direction while still allowing the good judgement of our team to influence our trajectory.  these influences paired with a dao treasury will allow the kadena kongs to remain strongly tied to our kongmunity's and teams visions thus bringing value back to the holders.  

effective ways to use our mint funds including; implementing p2e, 3d conversion, metaverse implementation, donation to primate habitats and harambe's grave, giving royalties to each kadena kong owner, cross-chain Nft breeding, and the list goes on...


"apes together strong" carries immense meaning within our kongmunity.  by attracting other alphas and apes (ie; people that are respectful, have great ideas, and want to make positive change) to our kongmunity, we are all strengthened as a whole.